Code 1 Dream Makers is a non-profit organization established by a group of first responders to help make dreams come true for local children (and adults) with terminal illnesses.

Matt McCombs – Founder

Matt McCombs was born on April 6th 1987 in Shawnee, KS. Matt graduated from Oak Park High School in 2005. While on a school trip to Disney, Matt met his beautiful wife Mandra. In 2007 they were married and moved to Smithville, MO. They have three sons. Matt coaches the two oldest boys competitive baseball teams. Matt has volunteered with the Special Olympics of MO, Police Explorer Program and his church The Rock of KC. In 2008 Matt attended the Western State University Law Enforcement Academy and in 2014 while working for the City of Gladstone founded the Code1 Dream Makers. Matt currently serves part time with a Kansas City metro police agency.


code 1 dream makers logo

Welcome to Code 1 Dream Makers. Our Mission is to make dreams come true for both children and adults who have life threatening medical conditions.

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