Let me tell you about this man that I never knew. I would pass him on my way home from work. He would stand there daily (regardless of the weather) holding his sign, his hands would shake feverishly, begging for food or money. Most want to judge him, think he’s a scam artist, drunk or druggie. Well I can tell you the first day I gave this nameless man my left over’s, I watched him from the rear-view mirror ravish this food before he was out of my site. Now that is hungry. I continued taking food to this man. He was so very grateful each and every time I brought food, clothes, shoes and blankets. His story is not mine to know. I was curious as to his name. When I asked his name he was taken back that someone even cared to ask. His name was Tom, a man I would guess to maybe be in his late 40’s but looked much more than his age. Ever seen a man dance a jig over someone giving him a Thanksgiving meal and a jug of Hi-C Fruit Punch? Well I did. Now that is someone that is appreciative! I haven’t seen Tom in a couple of months. I have learned that Tom did not survive our cold winter nights.


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He is the reason I started this mission and thank you to the many, many people that have donated not only money and food but their time as well.

Gene’s Tire & Service Center is Proud to Support TOM’S MISSION