Transmission Repair and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and diagnostics are important to keeping your engine transmission working at peak capacity.

Whether your car uses automatic or manual transmission, front or rear wheel drive, maintaining a healthy engine can save you time and money later on.

Transmission systems are one of the most intricate features of your vehicle. There are several parts that work together in a carefully orchestrated process to allow your engine’s power to drive the wheels. Hydraulic, electrical, mechanical systems work in harmony with computer controls. With such a complicated process, one worn or broken part can affect your entire car.

Pay attention to strange reddish leaks, abnormal acceleration levels, and odd vibrations. These can indicate transmission problems that need an immediate check by a qualified mechanic. Even if no changes are noticeable, you should have your transmission system checked periodically or according to your owner’s manual.

We offer a wide range of transmission services for automatic, manual, and high performance vehicles, including:

Accessible Parts Replacement
Complete Transmission Overhaul / Rebuild
Complimentary Performance Checks
Computer and Internal Diagnostics
CV Boots and Axle Replacements
Fluid Change
Throttle Adjustment
Transmission, Transfer Case, and Differential Leaks
And more!

Our technicians are dedicated to providing you with quality service, no matter the extent of repairs. We understand that your car is a large financial investment – you do not want to spend a fortune to get it repaired. Our prices are low and affordable. More importantly, we do not compromise the quality of repairs just because our prices are competitive.


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