Wheel Alignments

What is it?

Essentially, alignment refers to the way your car’s wheels are positioned. Ideally, your wheels should be parallel and facing forward.

What makes our service different?

First, we have invested in the very best equipment available.

3-D infrared imaging is the most reliable way to guarantee consistent results. Providing tires to our customers is only half of what we do; complete tire service including alignment is another one of our specialties and alignment is always a good idea when buying new tires. Many dealers do not invest in this equipment, choosing to sell tires, but not service them completely. You won’t need to make a second trip or take a chance, buy with confidence with us .

When your wheels are properly aligned, you’ll get better gas mileage, your tires will last longer, steering will be easier, your ride will be smoother, and, most importantly, the drive will be safer.

How could it go wrong?

Roads get rough causing some wheels to shift out of alignment. But more commonly, your vehicle suspension settles and changes over time. A proper alignment should get the vehicle back within manufacturer’s specifications.

Alignment problems normally result in one or more of the following angles being outside acceptable settings. All of them have negative effects from pulling the vehicle to rapid tread wear.

Camber – The amount of inward or outward tilt measured at the top of your wheels.
Toe – The amount of difference measured at the leading (toe) ends of the front of your tires when compared with the same measurement at the trailing edge (heel) of the front tires. This measurement is very important in controlling edge wear.


Keep your Wheel Alignments up to date with Gene’s.